My philosophy has always been that I am responsible for every dog I produce for lifetime of that animal. My reputation and name is on every dog that leaves my home. Should “life” happen and a dog I produced can not be kept by its owners I ask for first right of refusal (return the dog to me). The thought of a Redfern Frenchie ending up in a shelter or rescues situation is completely unacceptable. With this said, I take insurmountable precautions to insure we are breeding French Bulldogs as close to the AKC standard as possible. Healthy dogs with sound temperaments are our number one priority.

All our Frenchies are health tested, and not just by any Veterinarian, Dr. Randy Carpenter of Family Friends Veterinary Hospital specializes in brachycephalic (pushed in face breeds). In addition, he shows and breeds French Bulldogs and Bernese Mountain Dogs. His state of the art facility allows each of my dog’s health records and spine x-rays to be downloaded to a disk, I’m proud of my dog’s health and easily share the results! Each puppy born at Redfern is also health tested, spine x-rayed, patellas (knee caps) are checked etc. A written letter from Dr. Carpenter stating the results of the exam accompanies each puppy.

I choose not to have litters often and therefore I am extremely particular with my Breeding Program. Educating my self on pedigrees, breed standards, form, and function helps insure we are limiting health and temperament issues. You may be wondering how this all translates to the average pet owner who just wants a pet. The qualities we love about the French Bulldogs, those cute pushed in faces (Brachycephalic) and coby bodies (a form of dwarfism) come with health concerns. Regardless of health tests and good intentions Mother Nature always has her hand in what she creates. Making educated decisions on the males and females I breed helps to tip the scales in my favor for healthy dogs with sound temperaments. I strongly believe these precautions set me apart from the puppy mills and back yard breeder who “wanted to have puppies so the kids can experience the miracle of birth”. I highly doubt puppy mills and backyard breeders are investing the same amount of passion, love, time and money I am to do the appropriate health screening. Visit the French Bulldog Club of America web site for additional health information.