Welcome to Redfern French Bulldogs, (In order to view our pictures easily, click on a picture to enlarge, scroll over by using the arrow on the right ) we are located in Ada Michigan, just out side of Grand Rapids. My name is Renee, my husband Tom, our youngest daughter, Samantha, and Frenchies enjoy living on 3 acres of property surrounded by 90 acres of woods. Our Frenchies and their puppies live in our house, sleep on our beds and enjoy being part of our human/canine family. We only breed occasionally with hopes of producing that next show champion, so litters are few. We welcome anyone interested in the breed, or one of our dogs, to come to our home for a visit. What better way to help determine if a Frenchie is right for you then spending time with the breed in comfortable surroundings. If a visit is not possible, and you're interested in learning about French Bulldogs, don’t hesitate to contact me, as an ambassador of the breed, and a member of the French Bulldog Club of America, as well as the MI French Bulldog Club,  I’m happy to answer any questions. In addition, I use the mailing list option at the bottom of this page to notify interested parties of upcoming litters, dog food recalls, as well as data on the latest health tips and information. Signing up is optional.

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